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Terlect Trade Investment Group's primary customers are governments, public institutions, state-owned-enterprises, family establishments, or privately wealthy individuals that invest with absolute discretion. Privacy, for the protection of the firm and our clients is our utmost priority. We provide anonymity without compromising quality, to the fullest legal & ethical extent of our stakeholders' home countries.

Investment & Networking

We provide funding and networking for the growth of products in the manufacturing, biomedical, food & drink, and fast moving consumer goods market. Specifically, our network of distributors and investors identify niche opportunties and underoptimized industry practices in developed nations.

Trade Philosophy

Information asymmetry and underoptimized industries exponentially compounds the investment potential already found in the international trade markets. Differences in culture, domestic sovereignty, legal/ethical systems, etc all contribute to a vastly fragmented global market. By understanding the complete trade parameters of each stakeholder relationship, Terlect Trade Investment Group can identify specific arbitrage opportunities in niche industries, internationally.


Our entire professional team works with each client and investment decision closely. All communication and strategy is completed and kept internally. Most importantly our team emphasizes complete, end-to-end personal execution of each strategy implemented. All resources, tangible and intangible, are brought internally - we do not outsource or use third-party brokers under any circumstance whatsoever (legal permitting).

Digital Software Development

Our investment opportunities are paired with turn-key software solutions that allow our clients and brokers to monitor their funds, engage with their customers, and ultimately deliver success in their portfolio. Our software solutions range from eCommerce experience to Mobile Apps and integrations with legacy business solutions. 

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